Services:  Account Certificate
Upon request and as mandated in our CC&Rs (Article IV, Section 7), the Association will issue an Certificate of Account Status (COAS) for a homeowner account.  It includes the most recent assessment amount, the applicable assessment period, and whether the homeowner account has any balance due.  A statement regarding the status of architectural covenant compliance is typically included.  It typically takes 1 week to process a COAS request.
It is most commonly used during a home resale by the title company to apportion the HOA fees for the current period between Buyer and Seller.  It may also be requested when a homeowner is refinancing there home mortgage.  If a request does not come directly from a homeowner, our policy is to coordinate requests with the current homeowner (Policies & Procedures, Section 7). 
To request a COAS, please email a request (see link below) including the property address and the requester contact information, i.e., name, organization (as applicable), address, email address and phone number. 
Certificate of Account Status (COAS) - Example
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Request a COAS (via email)