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The Overlook has over 124 acres of designated Forest Conservation Area (FCA).  In terms of acreage, most of it is the undeveloped open and recreation areas, but many of the homeowner properties also have portions designated as forest conversation areas.  The Overlook Developer entered into an agreement with the Severn River Land Trust (now known as the Scenic River Land Trust) to designate portions of the Overlook Community as a forest conservation area and granted a conservation easement.  There are several inducements to create a designated conservation area including preservation of beautiful forest areas, protection of the Chesapeake Watershed and acquisition of favorable tax incentives.
A conservation easement is a legal agreement between a property owner grantor (whether an individual or a group such as a Community Association or corporation) and a qualified land trust, whereby the grantor agrees to limit the type and amount of future development on all or part of a piece of property. The landowner donating a conservation easement can continue to use and enjoy the land, sell the property, pass it on to heirs, etc. as before, but is generally prohibited from further development except within conditions documented in the agreement. A conservation easement does not require any public access to your property - it is still your private property.
There are two links below.  The first is a link to the conservation easement document which lists the restrictions within the conservation areas and describes the inspection rights of the Scenic Rivers Land Trust.  The second is a link to the plats which are color-coded to indicate the Forest Conservation Area..  The green areas are common areas designated as a FCA and the yellow areas are the portion of homeowner properties that are designated as FCA.  We enjoy a good relationship with the SRLT and have had a very positive experience protecting our conservation areas.
Scenic Rivers Land Trust (SRLT) Easement
Plats - Forest Conservation Areas Annotated