Frequently Asked Questions
1.  What types of exterior home and property changes require Architectural Review Committee (ARC) approval?
In general, all exterior changes require ARC review.  Fences, color schemes, decks, pools,  structural and cosmetic changes to the exterior, swing sets and landscaping are examples of changes that require ARC review.  Notwithstanding, there are a few things that don't require ARC review.  You do not need ARC review to remove dead trees and plants from your property or to replant with the same exact species in the same exact location or for modest quantities of annual flowers or potted plants.  You do not need ARC review to repaint surfaces using the same exact color.  If you have any questions regarding the need for ARC review, please use the Contact Us link on the home page to send us an email.
Change Approval Information - ARC Request Form
2.  Who is responsible for the sidewalk?
The sidewalk in our community is located on both homeowner property and Association property.  The Association is not responsible for sidewalk maintenance except for the portions located on Association property.  Property owners are responsible for shoveling snow off sidewalks.  The County may be asked to address issues relating to sidewalk maintenance.
3.  How do I resolve issues?
If you have a concern regarding a property in the community, please contact the homeowner directly in order to resolve your concern.  We have a Community Directory which can be used for this purpose.  If you do not have the Community Directory, you can request one using the Contact Us email link on our home page.  If you have a concern regarding the Association or its management, you can contact one of the Board of Directors (also listed in our Community Directory).  
4.  How do get my Association account status if I am refinancing or selling my home?
Mortgage and title companies will ask for your Association account status when refinancing or selling your home.  Our governing documents require us to provide a Certificate of Account Status (COAS) to these third parties. Our policy is to coordinate such requests with homeowners.  Homeowners can also direcly request a COAS.  You can request a COAS using the Contact Us email link on our home page.
Certificate of Account Status