Management:  Financials
The financial statements are a structured representation of the financial performance and financial position of the Overlook Property Owners Association (OPOA).   Our statements include:
  • Revenue & Expenses, 
  • Balance Sheet,
  • Cash Flow, and
  • Notes 
Financial resources are classified for accounting purposes into four funds:
  • Operating Fund – This fund is used to account for the general operations of the Association.
  • Property Fund – This fund is used to account for property and equipment including land improvements.
  • Replacement Fund – This fund is a capital reserve fund used to accumulate monies designated for future major repairs and replacements of common elements.
  • Maintenance Fund – This fund is a non-capital reserve fund used to accumulate monies for contingences, such as damage resulting from storms, and for components requiring periodic maintenance that do not occur annually.
The Treasurer of the Association is responsible for producing the financial statements.   Monthly reports are produced for management purposes and the annual statement are produced for reporting purposes.  
Because our financial statements are meant for our Association members, they are password protected.  If you are an Overlook homeowner and do not have the password, please contact our Board of Directors using the link on our website homepage.
Annual Financial Statement 2015
Annual Financial Statement 2014
Annual Financial Statement 2013
Annual Financial Statement 2012
Annual Financial Statement 2011
Annual Financial Statement 2010
Annual Financial Statement 2009