Services:  Resale Package
Upon request, the Association can provide a Resale Package that includes the disclosures and restrictions required by the the Maryland Homeowners Association Act (MHAA).  
The Resale Package contains required items such as the CC&Rs, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation.  It also contains other items such as the plats, conservation easement, architectural standards, minutes and financial statements.  Most of the items are available for download by the general public.  
A single Resale Package is provided as a courtesy to each homeowner.   It typically takes 1 week to prepare the Resale Package.  Subsequent packages for the same homeowner may incur a charge.  The Association presently does not charge a transfer fee.  To request a Resale Package, please email a request (see link below) including the property address and the requester contact information, i.e., name, organization (as applicable), address, email address and phone number.  
Resale Package - Downloadable Documents
Resale Package - Acknowledgement of Receipt (lists all items in the package)
Request a Resale Package (via email)
See important information below for Purchasers and Sellers.
Purchaser Information
Purchasers of homes within The Overlook are automatically subject to various rights, responsibilities, and obligations, including the obligation to pay certain assessments to the homeowners association within the development. The purchased lot may have restrictions on:
  1. Architectural changes, design, color, landscaping, or appearance;
  2. Occupancy density;
  3. Kind, number, or use of vehicles;
  4. Renting, leasing, mortgaging, or conveying property;
  5. Commercial activity;
  6. Other matters.
In addition, properties are subject to both utility and forest conservation easements.  Purchasers should review the items in the Resale Package carefully to ascertain their rights, responsibilities, and obligations within the development.
Seller Information
Sellers are required by the MHAA to disclose information to Purchasers about any applicable homeowners association and associated covenants, rights and restrictions.  The items in the Resale Package (and the lot-specific Certificate of Account Status) are intended to satisfy these requirements.  To learn more:
  1. Select the link below to access the Maryland Code.
  2. Select "REAL PROPERTY".
  4. Select "11B-106. Resale of lot".
Maryland Code
Certificate of Account Status
The MHAA requires the Seller to notify the homeowners association within 30 calendar days of any resale transfer. The notification is to include, to the extent reasonably available, the name and address of the transferee, the name and forwarding address of the transferor, the date of transfer, the name and address of any mortgagee, and the proportionate amount of any outstanding homeowners association fee or assessment assumed by each of the parties to the transaction. This notification can be mailed to: The Overlook Property Owners Association, Inc, P.O. Box 275, Crownsville, MD 21032.